Data Roaming explored

What is data roaming?

Data roaming refers to when your phone, or other sim enabled device, uses a mobile network that your providing mobile operator does not own to send and receive data. In most cases your providing mobile operator will charge you extra for data roaming or insist that you purchase add-ons / bundles to enable your device to use data whilst travelling abroad.


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What rules are there in place to protect me from excessive data roaming charges?

Within the European Economic Area, which consists of the 28 EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, data charges are capped at £0.20 per MB. UK based mobile operators range from 17.2p per MB with o2, up to 17.5p per MB with Orange.

Outside of Europe data roaming is disabled by the mobile operators when you've used £50 within a month; however if you sign up for a specific bundle or add-on package then you may be automatically opted out of this limit.

How do the networks compare for data roaming across world?

Unlike YRoam each network has complicated choices for their users to select when travelling abroad; with costs varying depending on travel within the EU, outside of the EU and even in some cases down to the specific country you are travelling to. YRoam offers a flat rate data cost across the globe; meaning we can take one less stress away from you as you plan your trip away.

We're confident that our offering is not only simplistic but more importantly cost effective and therefore have no problem detailing below what exactly your network may offer you when travelling abroad.

How does YRoam compare to its competitors?

How does YRoam compare to its competitors?

The above information is a cost comparison of 100 MB usage in China

YRoam – Based on a 10GB Worldwide bundle. EE – Based on plans started on or after 17th August 2016, daily expiry. Vodafone – Based on plans started after 5th May 2016 and without a WorldTraveller bundle. Three – Based on a pay monthly plan. All information valid as of October 2016.