Introducing the YRoam blog

We decided to start a blog to cover all things travel, tech, business and leisure.
Even though we are “technically” a tech business… not all of us are IT experts. We’ve even made a jargon buster for ourselves and our readers to break down all the techy terms we hear and see everywhere these days. A ‘nerdictionary’ if you will…

We want to explore the world of technology and travel (and all the business in-between) in such a way that we can all relate too. Along the way, we are going to blow your mind with travel truths, epic gadgets you can’t live without and finally some transparency in this big world of networks we live in! Whether it’s your phone network, the never-ending search for a WiFi network, social networks or business networks.

In this blog, we will provide some simple solutions, suggestions and information to help you answer the endlessly frustrating questions relating to the internet, WiFi and the increasingly confusing rules of roaming.