Data Bundles and the Details

First you need you the roaming device.  A sophisticated piece of hardware manufactured by Foxconn (the same company that makes apple products), the YR4 Portable WiFi device is your portal to a more convenient and cost effective way to roam on your travel.  Although the device is sleek, stylish, easy-to-use and easy-to-carry, the beauty is the cloud- sim technology inside. Our sophisticated platform is able to detect where you are and what networks are available, it then sends a signal back to your device automatically connecting you to the strongest signal strength available in the area. You’ll never have to disconnect devices in the middle of your work load, never have to fill in personal details to join a public WiFi network and never have to worry about the wrong people intercepting your details. You can also invite you colleague to jump on your private network with you!

What you won’t find with other products


  1. You can activate the data bundle when you choose, no stipulations on how long you have before it must be activated.
  2. No need to specify where you are going. Just choose the appropriate bundle.
  3. Have peace of mind knowing you are paying a flat rate. Never exceeding limits.
  4. Never tied to a single network! So, you seamlessly connect to the best signal available in your area.
  5. Track your data usage with the on-screen display or via the app. Down here for Apple or Android
  6. Add credit to your account so it’s ready to use when you need it, no questions asked, no expiry!
  7. We don’t throttle your data!


Our available data packages


The name: UK Data Bundle

The cost: £9.99

The Details: This gives you 1GB of data to use anywhere in the UK.

Once activated you have 30 days before it expires.


The name: US Data Bundle

The cost: £15.99

The Details: This gives you 1GB of data to use anywhere in the US!

Once activated you have 30 days before it expires.


The name: EU Data Bundle

The cost: £24.99

The Details: This gives you 1GB of data to use anywhere in the EU!

Once activated you have 30 days before it expires.


The name: Worldwide Data Bundle

The cost: £24.99

The Details: This gives you 500MB of data to use anywhere in the world!

Once activated you have 14 days before it expires.


The name: Worldwide Data Bundle

The cost: £34.99

The Details: This gives you 1GB of data to use anywhere in the world!

Once activated you have 30 days before it expires.



The name: Worldwide Data Bundle

The cost: £64.99

The Details: This gives you 2GB of data to use anywhere in the world!

Once activated you have 30 days before it expires.

Smarter Business Travel – 8 tips for your next trip!

We’ve compiled a few helpful tips from various websites to make your life easier and more enjoyable on the road!  Although business travel can be very rewarding and can boost your professional career. It can also be exhausting and quite stressful at times as anyone who travellers regularly will know!

  1. Instead of lugging around a garment bag/suit cover, yet another thing to carry! Here’s a quick tip on how to fold your suit jacket so it doesn’t crease and fits right in your bag.

  2. Security Checkmate
  3. Arrange your Internet access. Forget the days of finding public WiFi or carrying multiple sims! The answer to your prayers is the YR4, your very own personal & portable WiFi device. Allowing you to stay connected wherever you are, enabling a private network hotspot and boosting productivity by connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. Data bundle’s start at £9.99 and range to £34.99 for 1GB. You won’t find roaming rates like this anywhere else.
  4. Don’t be glued to the wall, carry a power bank! The YR4 doubles as a 6000mAh power bank so you can charge your phone or tablet on the go.
  5. Hydration Station. When you are dehydrated, it decreases blood pressure, increases sodium levels and heart rate, plus makes you fatigued and more easily confused. We all know the importance of stay hydrated, especially on important business travels. Independent has put together a list of the best water bottles on market.
  6. We’ve found a great website with useful points to maximize your travel, “The Points Guy”. This link details a list of the best rated exercise apps on the market specifically geared towards travelling!
  7. Business Insider gets travel tips from experienced travellers. The one I really loved and have since tried myself is so simple and yet so effective! “Use a tennis ball to keep soreness at bay” suggests Brian Povinelli (global brand leader for Westin and Le Meridien). Great to roll under your feet and thighs and squeeze in the palm of your hand, this inexpensive and easy to carry trick may pleasantly surprise you.
  8. Be nice, join loyalty programmes and ask for upgrades when it’s NOT busy. This may sound cautious but having worked in hospitality, you wouldn’t believe how far you can get with this combination!

Portable WiFi & what it’s all about

We live in an age where we are accustomed to getting online 24 hours a day. Especially those travelling and working on the go, the need to get online has become the most prevalent requirement of them all. This is where a portable WiFi device comes into play! It’s no longer a futuristic or highflyer gadget. Its aim is to get you online, no matter where you are in the world and to keep you connected without breaking the bank. No more ridiculous roaming charges or an endless search for WiFi!

A few facts & stats

  1. WiFi attack on an open network can take less than 2 minutes
  2. More than half of all open WiFi networks are susceptible to abuse.
  3. 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal. Reaching customers on-the-go is more important than ever before. – Google Think Insights
  4. 99% of BYOD activities are comprised of; email, calendar, shopping, banking and social. – Forbes
  5. 94% of people cite WiFi as the most important amenity.
  6. By 2020, it is predicted that 24 billion devices will be connected to the internet. The vast majority will use some form of wireless for access. -Gigaom
  7. 60% of people can’t go without WiFi for more than 1 day! – Iconic display

There is easy and cost effective solution to some of the most challenging problems in today’s world of connectivity. You first need to know what you are dealing with to find what you’re looking for.

What is a portable WiFi device?

It’s a simple piece of hardware that allows you to be your own WiFi hotspot. What’s not so simple, is the technology inside. It lets you connect up to 5 devices at one time (phones, laptops, tablet’s, camera’s etc.) and enables you to create your very own private and secure WiFi network. The beauty of YRoam is that this connection can be found in 100+ countries worldwide and you simply pay one flat rate depending on the data bundle you choose. No more nasty roaming bills, unreliable connections or giving out your personal details to connect your hotel or café WiFi.

How does it work?

At YRoam, we use something called cloud-sim technology which allows us to keep you connected over a variety of networks depending on which country you are in. By procuring data with all major networks worldwide, your device is able to detect the strongest signal available in your area and seamlessly connect to any given network.

How reliable is it?

In a word; very!

Unlike many products on the market, YRoam is not tied to one network which means our devices will automatically switch between all available networks depending on signal strength. With 4G and 3G capabilities the device will always prioritize the networks depending on strength. As you know, some countries do not yet support a 4G network, our device quickly deciphers this and connects you to the next best thing, 3G. With download speeds of up to 150 mbps, unlimited data possibilities (so no throttling!), CCMP encryption protocol and up to 15 hours’ continuous use once fully charged, the YR4 boasts some of the best features offered anywhere on the market.

Please note we have provided a dictionary for some of the more ‘techy’ terms.

What can i use it for?

This light weight and easy-to-use device can be used for pleasure or business. Stay connected on email, boosting productivity. Keep up to date on any social media app or website. Use it in the car for navigating your next destination through Google Maps/Drive. Don’t forget the YR4 is also a power bank (6000mAh), which means you can charge your phone or tablet on the road!

The nitty gritty

For the full tech spec for our YRoam Portable Wifi Device click here.

Dodging High Roaming Costs

When you search data roaming on Google, the first two pages are almost full of ridiculous stories of roaming charges or how one can “dodge” these costs. Below we’ve compiled of a list of titles we found most entertaining and we were amazed to discovered that virtually none of these links gave users a solution to high roaming costs but merely give various work-arounds to avoid the problem! Although helpful, these can be very much dependant on which device you are using, which country you are travelling in, how much data you typically use and how long you need this precious data for.

Data Roaming

We’ll end that list there as the combination of using your mobile and travelling inherently brings bad luck it seems. But you get the idea! Did any of these ring true to you? If so, keep reading…

YRoam’s YR4 device is a portable WiFi device that provides a simple solution to combat every question you’ve ever had about roaming abroad.

  1. Travelling abroad? Turn on airplane mode until you are back in your home country.
  2. Choose a data bundle or your choice; UK, EU, US or worldwide and activate when you are ready.
  3. All Data Bundles are flat rate.
  4. Automatically connects to the best signal available. Not tied to one network and not reliant on a suspect Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Track data usage.
  6. Trace spend history.
  7. Connect up to 5 devices, no extra cost.
  8. Doubles as a power bank!
  9. No contracts.
  10. No buying different sim cards for different countries.
  11. Connection in 108 countries.
  12. Private and secure connection so you can breathe easy with sensitive information.

We’re not superstitious, but we’ll leave it at #12.