Risks of public WiFi

60% of consumers think their information is safe when using public internet- according to a Symantec survey

17 % think websites are responsible for protecting data

While another 17% think the Wi-Fi company is responsible



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Bill Shock! and roaming horror stories

Bill Shock Represents 14% of Big Business Mobile Costs- According to Comms Risk

So in actuality, with all these additional costs, annual cost per device was more than double!

‘Bill shocks’ from unexpected carrier charges are the second greatest single contributor to overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the largest companies globally – 14% of the TCO

“23% of surveyed businesses had endured a mobile breach in the last year.”

“Businesses spend more on cleaning up mobile security breaches than they spend of mobile security software.”


Bill Shock horror stories from holiday makers;

“Lad hit with shock £2,700 mobile roaming bill after 10 day holiday to Egypt”

£4 per MB was the fatal blow! No data cap was applied. Consumer only received 1 text warning the bill had hit £600

“The £8,000 broadband bill shock from Orange”

Monthly cap of £40 on dongle usage.  However, what he was not told, and which Orange’s own operator did not seem to be aware of, was that this does not apply to overseas use!

“A holidaymaker was shocked to receive a £31,500 mobile phone bill”

After downloading an episode of his favourite TV show while abroad

In 2008 a 46-year-old lawyer ran up a £4,900 bill after she used the BBC iPlayer service to catch up on an episode of The Apprentice while in France


Bill Shock horror stories from business users;

£1,000 on roaming data charges

An employee at law firm used their device for a single day while in the Middle East for business and racked up £1,000 on roaming data charges. He claims it was corporate email.

Recruitment company that suffered a £20,000 bill shock

Incident in Dubai because an employee enabled tethering whilst at a tradeshow and then forgot about it. She continued to use Internet for most of the day but was being charged over £5 per Mb.

Customer in the US incurs a £15,000 bill

Almost all of which could be attributed to a single user who had decided to tether his device for the whole month

Travelling in Japan incurred a $12,000 bill

One of our customers in the pharmaceuticals industry experienced a bill shock situation where a US-based employee was traveling in Japan and incurred a $12,000 bill

Mobile charges reaching the tens of thousands

“We were spending excessive amounts on roaming data while people were abroad. Checking email could’ve resulted in a $200 charge each day.” In Canada, where the cost of data is already higher than most countries, comes another tale.

£9,000 bill for accidental tethering

A large water company suffered the consequences of accidental tethering when a £9,000 bill was incurred by one user in the UK. The employee exceeded data allowance through tethering while streaming sport

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What you may not know!

About our technology.

Let us tell you about YRoam, the technology behind us and what we can do for you!

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  1. Once the 4G roaming Wi-Fi device is powered ON, it detects all available networks within its coverage area.
  2. A dial-up VPN connection between the device and the SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is established using the Embedded SIM (SEED SIM) in the device.
  3. Successful authentication of user credentials by SaaS platform triggers the device to search and populate a public list of available mobile networks and provisions a SIM remotely.
  4.  The device selects and connects to the optimal network. It periodically scans available networks and switches automatically to ensure the user is constantly connected.
  5.  Using the same VPN connection, YRoam Customer credentials (“user credentials”) are authenticated by SaaS.Services will now be activated and users can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices to their YRoam device.


Product Features;


Why YRoam?


Our Strategic Partners;



From the FT to the Inquirer

Proud to reveal some feature posts, reviews and articles about YRoam. Have a read and see what you think, if you still not convinced, try it out for yourself!


Financial times says

“Roam far without breaking the bank”

“… Here’s an attractive less fussy variant from Hong Kong company UCloudlink that may give you equally robust coverage at a better and complicated rate, as well as including a gadget-charging power bank… ”


the Inquirer says

“How to get free and cheap roaming anywhere in the world”


“Roaming charges are one of the banes of the lives of travellers and we’ve seen countless horror stories of less-than-savvy holiday goers facing thousands of pounds in charges on their return to Blighty. So how do you avoid them? Well, the answer is, lot of ways…. Y-Roam”

“Y-Roam dispenses with SIM cards altogether, instead opting for a rather chunky but Android-powered virtual SIM affair, something we don’t see very often in the UK. With network partners in over 100 countries, Y-Roam offers plans based on countries of usage… The box is £199 but that does include the first gig of worldwide data and the touchscreen device can accept two additional physical SIMs on top of the virtual one and has a 6000mAh battery which can be used to charge your devices, thanks to a full-size USB port.”


Cambridge News says

“Frequent traveller? This might be for you…. Y-Roam offers a cheaper alternative to roaming costs by providing users with a portable wi-fi hotspot for up to five devices, without the need of a local SIM card”

V3 says

“Everything for the day data traveller”


Linkis says

“YRoam works in more than 100 countries  and can connect up to five devices simultaneously with a range of up to 10 metres. The YRoam YR4 has a built in 6000 mAh power bank, with a battery that lasts for up to 15 hours. This provides the extra convenience of charging your smartphone or tablet on the go.  The YR4 is fully charged in 7.5 hour and lasts for up to 30 hours when in standby mode.”

“YRoam uses Cloud SIM technology to locate local networks that offer the most affordable rates 0 giving users a portable WiFi connection at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be spent on data roaming. YRoam is not locked down to a specific network- the user can therefor benefit from the optimum connection available without paying premium rates.”


COMMS dealer says

“Merseyside and Guernsey based YRoam has launched in the UK aiming to cut the cost of roaming for mobile users in more than 100 countries. The first product to come to marklet is the YR4, a portable device that connects to local 3G and 4G to create a secure personal Wi-Fi hotspot. ”


JM comms says


“YRoam makes data roaming simple, fast and free of commitment- Even in the UK”


“Without a doubt, data roaming will be in Europe this year, but venture beyond the EU (that we;re trying to leave anyway) and things can be rather complicated. And by complicated, i mean expensive. Let;s face it, in most cases data roaming totally sucks.  Even on tariffs that already include roaming in Europe, there are often questions to be ask…

All if this is where YRoam hopes to have come up with an affordable and flexible solution that ticks all the right boxes”

“YRoam offers a simple, contract-free, solution that could be a perfect alternative. It also has some additional features so it may not get shoved in a drawer until the next foreign trip looms.”

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London & Partners choose YRoam

What do you know about London? Have you ever seen the city advertised anywhere else in the world?


‘War on Roaming’ in India

The dispute on roaming isn’t limited to the EU alone!


Case Study for Medium Sized Business

M.J. QUINN Integrated services LTD


M.J. Quinn is multi-disciplined integrated service provider with 2000+ employees, a vehicle fleet of 1600+ and a 24-hour nationwide service.


Read Closer…

Upon closer look and extensive analysis of competitors, copy cats and corporate clauses, we’ve discovered that there is far more to learn in the terms and conditions then anyone realises.


EU Mobile Roaming Regulations. The T&C’s of “Roam-like-at-home”.

Did you know that Operators can opt out of roam-like-at-home and continue to apply regulated surcharges?